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I have worked as an health inspktor for 15 years( sotsialsettlement- work- foodhygiene and other pepole healthsaftey questions- problems sphere and other). I own longterm experience in sotsialcare, culturalwork organisement, food technology,agriculture and personal leadership spheres.

I will help you by proceeding by the food law, help you work out the selfcontrol system plan as known as HACCP system and by opening a new enterprise, recognize proceedings conducting.I have to help the lodging facilities, saunas, barber shops, etc. solaarimite cosmetics manufacturers and the workers training and other support materials and the preparation of tegvuslubade.
At the very moment I will carry out through the HACCP areas and individual food-hygiene education. By ordering the health hygiene, I would most preferably visit beforehand You’re food processing rooms, so I could see on spot ruling situation and after that I’d conduct the hole lecture, where I would turn most attention on You’re enterprises hygiene sphere risks and food pollution risks.

In order to ensure a safe working environment for your employees health - occupational risk analysis and safety instructions to help in the development and so on.

In the last few years, the work argument amount has risen, even since 2007, I have been able to protect worker and also work giver interests.

I offer every sided help in making jurisprudence documents and solve conflicted situations. I am agreed to help you navigate in the law’s labyrinths. Ask for advice, because sharing information is free.

In result of cooperation we’re can protect so You’re right feeling and most of all You’re right to live happily in free and democratic right country - Estonia

Best wishes,

Liia Gussev
Board member.
+372 56 902 661

Liia Gussev